Blanket of Sustenance, 2017  

 This piece is inspired by my affinity with the structures that house our lives and the fluctuating    experiences and emotions that we endure within them. The idea of the blanket as an item of comfort    is something which I can relate to, often found clutching to one myself throughout childhood to    soothe. my anxieties.  

     This patchwork blanket is fabricated from latex skins that were cast from walls that in some way    resonate with myself. The walls that watched me grow. The walls that stood as a place of refuge or as    a venue of celebration. In essence, the walls that nurtured me. 

     The intention here is to personify the structures that provided great comfort, to embody the    nurturing aspect of what is otherwise typically dismissed as a bit of brick and mortar.  

 Latex, cotton and wood 

 120 x 120cm